Website Accessibility

The purpose of Polaris Corporate Solutions GmbH web portal is creating of added value to customers who use the internet either as a source of information or as a way to introduce our products and services. We believe that properly designed web presence can increase the value of customer experience and subsequently increases business efficiency the user and Polaris Corporate Solutions GbH. Our goal is to provide customers and partners with an easy and consistent way of enhancing business cooperation.

In the future, we expect that Polaris Corporate Solutions GmbH web portal as well as Polaris Online will enable efficient differentiation of services through the creation of added value for customers (existing and potential customers) and web portal to become the point around which we organize various stakeholders with the aim of providing customers with the appropriate level of services.

As part of the on-line access, Polaris endeavors to ensure ease of use of this website. With our website we strive to:

  • Have a link to explanations regarding web accessibility. This site includes instructions on how to access websites of Polaris
  • Maintain a consistent layout of web pages and way of switching between sites.
  • Consistent and comprehensive application of titles and structure of the site.
  • Avoid unnecessary use of icons , graphics and photos.
  • Use the empty background with simple layouts in order to ensure the readability of the text.
  • Used color combinations provide sufficient contrast for users with color blindness and that content are easy to read even when using black and white screen.
  • Display index web pages only in text form.
  • Use visual material that matches and complements the content of the site.
  • Enable alternative contact form.